Types of Dental Implant and Other Dental Treatments

Replacing teeth with implants is a process that varies from one individual to another. Different patients have different needs. So, the common factors in dental implant process are individual’s teeth arrangement, jaw relation, bone structure and requirements. Based on these factors, time and budget for dental implant often varies. Professional dental clinics intend to provide fully customized solutions to the patients, and to render that they are outfitted with latest technologies as well as machineries.

About 4 implants, 6 Implants, 8 Implants

Those, who are looking for excellent alternative to dentures, should opt for this brilliant option. You do not have to go for full mouth implants and crowns with this technique.

Zirconia implants (ceramic implants)

Some implants are produced with bioceramic zirconia. Such implants are used in rare cases, especially if patient has titanium allergy. In case if patient does not prefer metal implants, they can surely go for bioceramic zirconia based implants.

Dental implant has been suggested for those who are facing decaying tooth issue. However, you can find different other treatments for your decaying teeth at the dental clinics. For example, veneers are used for hiding the teeth gaps due to decaying teeth. For hiding cavities, tooth filling has been done.